Aladdin Theatre Trip

After doing particularly well in their Drama assessments, a group of students were invited to attend a theatre trip to see Aladdin the musical in the west end. The performance was magical and entertaining, showing the students what is possible in a professional production. Here is what some of the students had to say:

“Aladdin was an amazing experience, this was my first time going to a theatre with other students of the school. Thanks to Miss Bradly we made it possible to be on time with the other students and made it possible to watch. Aladdin was more of a musical than a play but it was funny and enjoyable. There was the magic carpet that was actually flying… that’s madness. But thank you to LEA and Miss Bradley for organizing it.” By Amin Rami 9A

“The Aladdin show was an extremely wonderful show. This was my first time watching Aladdin in a theatre. It was a child friendly, enjoyable show to watch with your family and friends. All thanks to Miss Bradly for organising this trip. The genie made us all laugh and the set inside the cave of wonders was my favourite part. Too much music for my liking but that’s what made the suspense build” By Azhar Miah 8E

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