Sports Day 2017

LEA Sport’s Day, 2017 was a complete success! Students from all year groups and Teachers gathered at Mile End Stadium on Friday, 30th July wearing either: red; blue; green; orange or yellow to represent their house. The atmosphere before the games had even commenced was very positive and a true reflection of the students’ dedication to their physical education.

The competition was apparent within days leading up to the event and students could be seen warming up soon after their morning registration, showing their determination to succeed. However the rivalry was healthy and words of encouragement were exchanged amongst students.

This level of motivation continued throughout the day as houses worked closely together to ensure that optimum points were awarded for as many events as possible.

The day began with an inter-house football tournament which was an enjoyable event for all. Those who were not particularly fans of the sport, expressed how fun they found playing in small groups on rotation.

Everyone refuelled at midday during lunchtime; then it was onto the tracks for inter-house athletics where students sat in the stands eagerly waiting to be called for their events.

Students competed in: long-jump; triple-jump; high-jump; javelin; discuss and shot-put and made a great effort. The highlight of the afternoon was certainly the races, particularly the 100m sprints and relay.

Those who competed in the 1300m and 1500m races, showed a particular level of resilience, particularly as it was a very warm day.

Cheers from students and parents spectating could be heard from the stands and for some, this was encouragement to go on and achieve personal best results.

The day ended with an awards ceremony and students left the stadium knowing that they had accomplished something regardless of the outcome.

Mr Rowe co-ordinated what was a superb day of competition and celebration and all who attended are still talking about it to date.

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