Enrichment & Intervention Programme

Welcome to our Enrichment and Intervention curriculum programme from January 2015. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, we offer all of our pupils opportunities that will enrich their education by building relationships through sports and healthy activities, club activities and additional academic opportunities in areas other than curriculum subjects.

Our school core values are leadership, enterprise, ambition, drive, excellence and respect. It is our vision that the curriculum with all its enrichment opportunities will give our students the chance to develop these qualities. Many of the enrichment opportunities will give the students insight into a range of skills and subjects so that they can grow their experiences and discover new talents. Many of the subjects can be offered as a certificate or qualification (or lead to a wider choice of GCSE’s in the future) and will be an enhancement to any CV.

Fundamentally, we want our pupils to become confident, creative and critical problem-solving citizens with broad experiences that not only enhance their GCSE achievements but also give them the skills needed for the 21st Century workplace and to embrace “Learning for life”.

Course descriptions:

INTERVENTION: Your teachers will decide if you need intervention. Please still make a choice for your enrichments so that we can celebrate your graduation from intervention by getting you into the courses of your choice.

Maths Addicts: a fun way of learning mathematics to support your learning in the curriculum.

EAL: Is English your second or third language? Do you need help with verb construction in the past tense? Do you know your auxiliary verb from your elbow? Do you know about countable and uncountable nouns? Do you need help to access the curriculum? This will help.

Write Stuff: A fast way to get writing about issues important to you, as well as improving the way you structure your writing for the reader.

ICT/Homework club: Based in the IT suite you will get a chance to use the learning platform to keep up to date with homework.


Arabic: this is a full year course. If you sign up you will learn conversational Arabic and also the script so that you can read and write Arabic. This is a useful starter for a potential GCSE in Arabic.

French: This is a full year course and you will be learning basic French conversation as well as learning the vocabulary and reading skills. This will be really useful as we lead into GSCE options.

Islamic History: Learn about a version of history which celebrates Islamic culture.

LEA Life: the newsletter is an essential part of school life. You will be journalists writing up school stories, celebrating achievements and interviewing members of the school community.


Tabla: World Record holder, Pandit Sudarshan Das, teaches some lucky students how to play the tabla in this exciting, musical enrichment. 

Summer Performance: This is a two term choice to make sure that you are ready to perform in the summer- in front of invited guests (parents and primary schools) an edited version of a Shakespeare play. You will be learning how to perform on a different stage, learning Shakespeare and how to play a range of characters. There will be a trip for those who take part, to see how other actors play Shakespeare.

Card making: During the Easter term we will have Valentine ’s Day, Easter as well as birthdays to celebrate. At the end of term we will also be having a market place where you could sell any cards you make to support a charity of your choice.

Crafty Kids: Making pompoms, knitting and felt work to make beautiful items and learn new skills.

Reading club: is there to support those who need help with their reading skills as well as for those who simply love reading and talking about the reading they have done- the worlds they have read about and the characters encountered.

Eco Schools: This programme is for those who are interested in sustainable living and making a difference in the school environment. You will be working together with staff to gain a school award for “Eco Schools”.

Drama in the Mix: This is a drama project in association with the Richmix in Bethnal Green. You will be writing a play based on the theme of Freedom which will be entered into a competition. You will record the play for a podcast- which will be our first radio item for the school. If we get through the competition, you will record your play at the BBC and also perform it live in front of judges with other schools present.

LEA's Got Talent: This is a rehearsal space for you to practice your songs for LEA got Talent in the summer.

Recorder club: Get playing with an ensemble and perform at LEA got Talent in the summer.

Debating: Teaching pupils the skills of successful debating, developing their skills in communication, team work, research skills, etc.


Martial Arts: Learn to bob and weave with discipline.

Table Tennis: This is the place to improve your backhand smashes and top spins so that you can beat your opponents.

Dance Club: This is the space to prepare your dance moves for LEA got talent in the summer.

Aerobics: go the extra mile in a class designed to get your heart rates pumping and your fitness levels jumping.

Athletics: Going a mile: in this course you will be training and undertaking a mile challenge. Each week there will be a league of students completing the mile challenges- timings and distances will be recorded. Girls and boys will compete separately but the results will be combined. Who will win the mile challenge?

Unihoc: Indoor hockey during the winter months. Learn a new skill and a new team sport.

Fitness: Looking to build up stamina and strength in the off season? Looking to improve your fitness? Look no further.

Win Chun: Martial art and self-defence method. Learn confidence and balance in this class.

Football: This is available for students who want to play for fun or try out for the school team.

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