Citizenship at LEA is taught in line with the new national curriculum with a focus on students gaining an understanding of their own rights and responsibilities, the law, justice and democracy in the UK. It also encourages respect for different national, religious and ethnic identities and considers our role as UK citizens.

Students investigate how parliament, democracy and government works in the UK, their role in society, the importance of budgeting, and the functioning of the justice system. Citizenship has strong cross curricular links at KS3 with RE and History and these links are identified and explored by students.

Students are assessed through a range of outcomes including board games, written pieces of work and debates/role plays which help to develop the students’ enterprise skills.

Matilda: building positive relationships and anti-bullying

In this unit of work you will work on developing an awareness of your strengths and weaknesses, an awareness of anti-bullying strategies and bullying types and you will work on your enterprise skills by developing an anti-bullying board game and will then play and review this in lessons.

Patterns in Democracy and Government

In this unit of work you will consider how governments are chosen, evaluate different methods of voting and take part in your own election campaign and secret ballot election.

How can we as citizens develop our local environment

In this unit of work you will consider local decision making processes in order to improve the local environment.

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