We believe that students who take pride in their personal appearance and in membership of our Academy community are also likely to take pride in their achievements and conduct.

We call this philosophy: “Look Smart, Act Smart, Be Smart.”

Uniform can be purchased in person from: Ocean Designs, 10 Watney Street, Watney Market

Please check the information below and make sure you are buying the correct uniform for your child. Uniform items must be plain, without accessories, logos, decoration or any other colours.

Ocean Design Prices:

Purple/Black Blazers (All sizes) - £34.99

Ties (Purple Striped & Prefect) - £4.99

Purple Jumpers (All sizes) - £19.99

PE Polo Shirt with Logo - £12.99

PE Shorts with Logo - £9.00

Football Socks - £3.99

Tracksuit Top with Logo - £14.99

Tracksuit Bottoms with Logo - £14.99

Shirts, trousers, skirts and shoes can be bought from elsewhere. 

All students

  • Blazer: Purple blazer with LEA badge (KS3). Black blazer with LEA badge (KS4)
  • Tie: LEA tie, worn to the waist
  • Jumper (optional): Grey V-Neck
  • Trousers: Plain, smart and matte black, tailored, regular fit (no denim or coloured pocket zips)
  • Shoes: Plain black leather school shoes, providing adequate protection and support. We DO NOT allow casuals, fabric, Kickers, canvas, Converse, trainers, sandals, pumps, Doctor Martens, high heels, boots, coloured laces or coloured stitching.
  • Coat: Plain, with no graphic or offensive images and words, to be removed before entering the school. We DO NOT allow leather, suede, denim, hoody, sweatshirt, sports top, body warmer or gilet). Hooded tops are NOT allowed and will be confiscated.
  • Bag: Black bag e.g. rucksack big enough to hold A4+ books


  • Shirt: Plain white shirt with collar
  • Socks: Plain black
  • Hairstyle: Must be smart, one natural colour and grade 2 or higher with no lines or patterns. There must be no shaved or part shaved eyebrows
  • Caps (optional): Black prayer cap, black kippah, black patka or black turban may be worn for religious reasons


  • Shirt: Plain white shirt with collar, or blouse
  • Skirt: Plain matte black, full or knee-length
  • Socks and tights: Plain black tights or ankle socks
  • Religious attire (optional): Black hijabs (headscarves), black abayas or black salwars may be worn for religious reasons but they must be accompanied by an LEA blazer and black trousers

PE Kit

  • LEA purple polo t-shirt
  • LEA purple shorts or tracksuit
  • LEA purple socks
  • Trainers without black soles
  • LEA tracksuit top (optional)
  • Black leggings can be worn under shorts.

Jewellery – Apart from religious items, pupils will not be allowed to wear jewellery except for a wrist watch and a pair of plain ear studs which must be taken off for PE lessons.

Not Allowed - No makeup, including false lashes, nail varnish, acrylic or gel nails. 

KS4 Uniform

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