Brady Arts Centre

30 year 9 students were chosen to take part in a trip to the Brady Arts Centre to watch a documentary.
Nabiha (9E) had this to say:

"People from year 9 were selected to go to the Brady Arts Centre and watch a documentary called “From Cable Street to Brick Lane”. This feature length documentary deals with the fight against racism and fascism in the East End of London. It explores how different communities came together in the 1930’s, 1970’s, and 1990’s to challenge racism and intolerance. Racism is what creates a divide between different cultures and people based on the superiority of one race over another. Over the years, there have been many racist killings such as the death of Altab Ali. On 4th May 1978, as Ali was walking home from work along Adler Street, he was attacked and stabbed by three teenagers, whose minds had been poisoned by racists. Later at their trial they said that they attacked Ali because he was a “P*ki”. Furthermore, the documentary covered the Battle of Cable Street, the most popular anti-fascist victory to have taken place on British soil, which occurred on the 4th October 1936.

We all really enjoyed the trip and found it very interesting to learn about how racism has changed throughout the years and what some people had to go through just because they were from a certain ethnicity or race. At the end of the movie, we had a Q&A with the directors of the film, Hazuan Hashim and Phil Maxwell, and asked them questions about how long it took to create the movie, what inspired them to make it, etc. We really enjoyed learning about what factors have shaped the community that we live in."

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