Key Stage 3


In Key Stage 3, pupils are working towards mastering knowledge and skills set against a range of Age Related Expectations.
In Key Stage 4, pupils are working towards a GCSE Spanish qualification with Edexcel.


In Spanish pupils will have 2 lessons of 50 minutes lesson each week in Year 7, 2 lessons in Year 8 and 2 lessons in Year 9. Pupils will receive one piece of homework each week. It could be learning new vocabulary, learning consolidation activities or a piece of extended writing.


How the Department is supporting pupils during the Pandemic

We understand that even though our pupils had taken part in online lessons throughout lockdown, they have been out of touch with the subject. Hence, we have identified content that students learned in previous years, and we will be focusing on reinforcing it, to ensure that students are confident and comfortable with their subject knowledge. This will help students to ease back into the school routine and to feel confident about their skills and knowledge.

We have also identified key content and skills that children have missed over spring and summer term. Amongst those, any significant curriculum coverage that children have missed during the spring and summer terms will be addressed before continuing with the curriculum according to the year group. We will consider the relevance of the content and if it will be or can be addressed a later date in their education.

In addition, our department has put together revision packs and provide free access to, where students can work independently in any topics where they do not feel confident.

How the Department assesses its pupils to ensure success

Students are assessed in a daily basis with small tasks where students need to recall previous knowledge and apply it. In addition, our curriculum is focused on the developing of self-efficacy and oracy skills in the target language. This provides the opportunity for our students to speak and use the target language in every lesson, thus allowing our department to assess the progress of our students.
Lastly, students are assessed with an end-of-term exam to check their progress in exam conditions using 2 or more skills: Reading, writing, listening and speaking.

How the subject prepares pupils in their future lives

Learning languages provides opportunities to communicate with people from other cultures and with foreign speakers from all over the world, including those living in their own communities. Speaking languages also improves job and travel opportunities. Students will gain a broader understanding of the world by learning about different cultural traditions and ways of life. Furthermore, learning a second language strengthen the knowledge of their own language and provide cultural experience and knowledge that will help our students make sense of the world around them.


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