Governing Body

Our Governing Body plays an active role in the life of our school. They receive termly updates via the Principal (Data Dashboard) on student progress against targets agreed at the beginning of the school year. They are fully aware when targets are not being met and provide scrutiny of effectiveness of staff and interventions and help identify and inform additional support.

A Ali

Ashid Ali

Department: Principal

Employment: Principal at London Enterprise Academy
Biography: I was privileged to lead a group of talented professionals on our successful bid to open the free school. I was appointed Principal since January 2014 and prior to that I have worked as Assistant Head Teacher at Forest Gate Community School for six years, bringing considerable leadership skills to the group. I have also served as a governor in two secondary schools and have worked closely with governors in my most recent place of work. I have been involved in a number of voluntary organisations working with young people in inner city areas. I have a passion for education and a sincere belief that every child can transform their lives through education. I bring extensive experience to the governing body including leading teams, managing projects and change, excellent understanding of finances having set and delivered positive budgets for the past six years. I have an excellent understanding of the Tower Hamlets community that we serve and good links with businesses and community organisations.

N Ahmed

Nazim Ahmed

Department: Chair of Governors

Employment: Assistant Head teacher at Cumberland School, Newham
I am a trained teacher, currently serving as a senior leader in a Secondary School. I was previously employed as Assistant Principal at London Enterprise Academy and understand education leadership. I have been a teacher of maths for 15 years and senior leader for over six years, and understand the importance of education in the inner city areas.


Shah Muhmud

Department: Safeguarding Governor / Curriculum

Employment: Manager at London Borough of Newham, and Visiting Lecturer and Tutor at Goldsmith University
Shah has a BA in Social Science and Community Development as well as Level 5 Qualified Youth Worker. He holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies. Has had professional training at Institute of Leadership and Management. 
15 year experience in youth and community development
10 year experience of managing Public Health contract for early intervention
Worked for Tower Hamlets, City of London and Newham
Freelance trainer for national programme (AQA, ASDAN, Sport England and Arts Award)
Qualified NVQ/Vocational Assessor
Certified to teach in Life Long Learning sector (PTLLS, CTLLS). He has also been a governor at a Tower Hamlets Primary School. He maintains a keen interest in all aspects of safeguarding in Education


Tanveer Chowdhury

Tanveer Chowdhury

Department: Chair of FRAC

Employment: Vice President at Deutsche Bank
Biography: He brings extensive experience of Financial knowledge, compliance in the financial sector. Previously he has held senior roles in Financial Compliance, Quality Assurance, Fraud Prevention in Santander, Barclays. Tanveer has a degree in Engineering with Management and has experience of working ion Tower Hamlets schools. He has extensive understanding of the local community and is dedicated to improving life chances of young people.unity and is dedicated to improving life chances of young people.

Sunny Chou

Chun Sing Chou

Department: FRAC Member

Employment: Company Secretarial Assistant at Shroders
Biography: I came from a Hong Kong school which was shifting to focusing on exam results. I suffered depression and was deemed a bad student despite my natural intellectual curiosity and later academic achievement. This made me realise the impact of school strategy on a personal level. In 2020, I arrived in this country and pursued a Graduate Diploma where I obtained a high distinction. This opened the door to a much better future and showed me the power of education to change lives. Education is perhaps the most precious gift we can offer our children. Therefore, I want to use my skills efficiently to this important cause. 

Imogen Vining

Imogen Vining

Department: Governor

Employment: Acute Deterioration CQUIN & Quality Improvement Lead
Biography: I first began to understand what it was to be a governor when my Mum took up her role as Clerk to the Governors of the primary school. All through school, I had heard of the ‘Governors’ but never really understood what their role entailed. My mum is now the Clerk for the governors of 6 schools and so I hear a significant amount of information about the value of being a governor. My current role as a nurse, gives me time in the evenings and more flexibility and I would like to do some volunteering. My role sits within the Chief Nurse Office is centred around quality improvement across my hospital trust and implementing changes to improve practice, with a particular focus on Deteriorating Patients. I think being a school governor would be an interesting complement to my working life and I feel I would have a lot to offer. I previously worked as a nurse in a trauma department and have a medical background. I am also very musical and have been involved in multiple musical activities throughout my life, at school, university and in the wider community. I don't have any direct experience of being a governor however, I am educated to degree level, am used to identifying, discussing and resolving issues as part of a team. I have previously been involved in girl guiding which has taught me personal skills, again teamwork, and problem-solving. Despite my lack of experience in this area, I would be willing to learn quickly from those more experienced and do any training necessary.

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Fahmida Sultana

Department: Staff Governor

Employment: Teacher of Maths at LEA
Biography: Fahmida has been a teacher at LEA for the last 3 years, and wants to use her skills and knowledge to make a difference. 

Kabir Ahmed

Kabir Ahmed

Department: Governor

Biography: I have a telecommunications business background and have been educated in Surrey, graduating from Kingston University. My professional background since finishing my education has been of a sales trader of various commodities and property assets in both the banking sector and financial markets in the city of London and globally. A father of 3 children at different stages of education, I am well placed to make small contributions and suggestions to improve different stages of the education cycle and well placed to offer observations of the positives and the areas that need to improve from a parental perspective.

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Aditya Dubey

Department: Governor

Employment: Chief of Staff at Deutsche Bank
Biography: I am passionate about supporting young people and fervently believe that investing in children and education is the best way to ensure sustainable societal development and upliftment. Schools are where most of us learn how to navigate life and society and they can have a lasting impact on the lives of their students in myriad ways. I want to use the skills I have developed over my professional career in that context, while at the same time develop new skills and gain exposure to a critical sector of our society. I am inherently curious and keen to learn. Having settled in London over the past 7 years I feel a desire to give back to the wider community and city I love, and feel I could make a meaningful impact.

Anastasia Smirnova

Anastasia Smirnova

Department: Governor

Employment: Software Engineer
Biography: As a software engineer and a young mother, I believe that I can bring a unique perspective to the school board. My experience in the technology industry has given me valuable skills that would be useful in the education setting. For example, I am skilled in problem-solving and critical thinking, which are important for analyzing complex issues and making informed decisions. I am also experienced in project management and am able to plan and organize effectively. As a young mother, I also have a personal stake in the success of the school district. I am committed to ensuring that all students have access to a high-quality education and am passionate about working to improve the educational outcomes for all children in our community. I believe that my perspective as both a professional and a parent would be valuable on the school board. Additionally, as a woman in a male-dominated field, I understand the importance of representation and diversity on decision-making bodies. I believe that my presence on the school board as a young mother and software engineer would help to bring a diverse perspective to the table and would help to ensure that the needs of all students and families are considered in decision-making.

Laura Leman

Laura Leman

Department: Governor

Employment: Software Engineer
Biography: I want to give back to the community of London, having moved here as an adult and felt extremely welcomed, and make sure the children here get the best possible education. I'm keen to use my skills from the private sector to help plan the future for a complex public entity like a school, and to learn more about leadership, strategy and stakeholder management in what is a completely new context for me. I'm British, but grew up in Estonia, which ranks highly in education, but has a completely different
system than the UK - I'll be coming in with a fresh, unbiased perspective and eager to learn more.


Edward Chessun

Department: Governor

Biography: A qualified Teacher of English. He has previously worked at London Enterprise Academy as a Teacher of English and would like to give back to the community. He has excellent knowledge and understanding of the school and the community that it serves. He is fully aware of the pressures that the school is working under having been part of the journey over the past three years. Edward left his position in December 2022 to pursue a career in writing.

Rahima Ali

Rahima Ali Matloob

Department: Parent Governor
Biography: My name is Rahima. My eldest was one of the first year 7’s when the school opened in September 2014. I now have a daughter in Year 11 and a son in year 8.
As a parent, I have seen how London Enterprise Academy has overcome hurdles to become the school it is today. Students at the school have always been made to consider carefully their skills, interests, and future aspirations, and to translate these thoughts into possible employment options in the future. My eldest daughter has gone back to the school to support initiatives, coach and guide current students.
I have over 20 years of HR and management experience in the voluntary sector, and I was the Executive Assistant to the CEO at Gateway Housing Association, where I attended The Executive Management Team, Risk & Audit, Governance, and Personnel committee meetings, as well as full Board meetings. As a school governor, I wish to utilize my understanding of the complexities of these meetings to ensure clarity of vision, ethos, and strategic directions.
I currently work as a Practice & Compliance Manager and Paralegal at Lords Solicitors with a view of qualifying as a Solicitor this year.

Mahbub Alam

Mahbub Alam

Department: Parent Governor

Employment: Production/Media
Biography: I was a former councillor and former executive advisor on adult social care, and am the owner of a local tech firm. I have been a parent governor for Hermitage Primary school for 3 years. I take part in a lot of humanitarian work such as joining the largest aid convoy to Bulgaria to support the Syrian war victims and taking part in the ‘Mayors for Peace’ event to disarm nuclear weapons. I love travelling and have done so to 22 different countries, mostly via road, as I believe this is the best way to experience other cultures and meet many people.

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Aklima Begum

Department: Clerk to Governors

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