South Downs National Park

30 year 8 students spent the day in the South Downs National Park. The focus of the trip was to support individuals with team building skills and build confidence through caring for nature.

We started the day by walking to the top of Fulking Hill. It was an epic adventurous walk through the hilly path with glorious panoramic views across the South Downs Sussex countryside. At the top while admiring the breathtaking views, students took some time to sit down in total silence to really take in the views and create sketches of the scenery.

This was followed by a matchbox scavenger hunt through the nature trail collecting as many of nature’s beauty that will only fit inside the matchbox.
Students also enjoyed using nets to explore the natural habitat of a pond. They were surprised to find so many different living organisms that make up the habitat of a pond.

This was a great opportunity for the student to appreciate the differences between the hustle and bustle of the city, and the calm and freshness of the countryside. The activities helped them develop skills to work as individuals and part of a team. They learnt how humans should appreciate and take care of nature through sustainability, and build self-confidence in ourselves to support one another and educate others in ways to look after our community and surroundings.


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