Isle of Wight Residential

32 year 11 students, along with LEA staff members and volunteers from the Tower Hamlets Hike and Trek Club, embarked on a residential trip to the Isle of Wight for a lifetime experience to bring learning to life and reflect back on their 5 years of secondary education at LEA.
Some of the challenging on-land activities included a high-adrenaline ropes park, 3G swing, zip wire, buggy building, Laser zone, plus bush craft and orienteering. In addition to that we had the perfect opportunity to engage a group of students for coastal trekking, exploring the surrounding area of the “Jurassic” coastline.

Beaches see colossal amounts of litter discarded which is not only an eyesore but severely harmful to wildlife too. In keeping with the values we work to encourage amongst our youngsters, our pupils took part in litter picking at Whitecliff Bay.
We try to change habits and raise awareness by spotlighting the harmful effects littering has on our neighbourhoods, our planet and ourselves.

This is also an excellent way to engage with our fellow humans. We had several positive discussions with tourists and residents and the pupils were a perfect embodiment of dynamic young adults inspiring and bringing change.

We had an excellent BBQ on site, thanks to Mr Islam and his cooking skills. All the staff and pupils got involved setting up the BBQ scene, serving and cleaning.

Everyone involved had a brilliant time and we hope to do this again for future year 11 pupils.

"As a reward for our efforts these past five years at LEA, the Year 11s went on a residential to the Isle of Wight. It was an adventure filled with thrilling activities, some of them which made our hearts feel like they would jump out. The teachers and volunteers who accompanied us on the trip made the experience so much more fun and exciting. We had a barbecue, went to the beach, and spent time together for the last trip we would ever have as Year 11s. We shared a lot of unforgettable and funny moments and memories, which shall stay with us. A heartfelt thank you to all the teachers and volunteers who made this such a lovely trip. An extra special thank you to Mr Islam, whose jokes and mere presence made this all the more memorable, who went the extra mile to make this an amazing experience, and without whom none of this would have been possible." – Sabreen 11L

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