Jaria Mirza - Our Very Own Budding Author

Jaria Mirza is a 16 year old student at LEA who loves to write. She has actually written several books in her free time, so our principal, Ashid Ali, decided to be her very first publisher and print her book, Hidden Within.
We recently sat down with Jaria to ask about her passion for writing.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Well, I’m Jaria Mirza and I absolutely love reading, writing, playing chess, searching up random things on Google and trying out new things. I was born inquisitive thus, I love science and all the possibilities it leaves us with.
Being a sesquipedalian means that I have a lot to say so I’m always up for a conversation with almost anyone.

What inspired this book?

Honestly, many things that just cannot be summed up in a few lines. Lockdown played a huge role in my work; all my personal experiences during the time had an effect on the content. You can say I was inspired by death and the extent people would go to bring back those they love.

What genre do you enjoy writing?

Mysteries and thrillers with compellingly dark plot twists.
Dystopian and sci-fi that seem like paranormal at first.
I usually love to delve into speculation fiction.

What are you reading at the moment?

SIX OF CROWS. If you have not read it, you MUST.

Are you writing anything new?

Too many things at the same time, but I am focusing on Caged Within, the sequel to Hidden Within.

What does the future hold for you?

I’ll be heading off to sixth form this September where I’ll study chemistry, biology, maths and English Literature. I am soaring on the hopes of becoming a neurosurgeon (since there are not many female ones in Tower Hamlets), hopefully graduating from Imperial College. I want to publish all my drafts throughout my journey in life.

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