What is SMSC?
SMSC stands for the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. It is the over-arching umbrella that encompasses personal development across our curriculum.

Spiritual Education
Here at LEA, our students experiences the curiosity and the opportunity to be inquisitive and a sense of belonging. They learn how to be appreciate the natural world, explore religious beliefs and traditions, develop and understanding, caring attitude and respect towards others and recognising and accepting difference and diversity

Moral Education
Through the Moral Education, students are provided with a clear moral code aligned with the law of the land. We promote equality and diversity. Provide opportunities to explore right and wrong/practise moral decision making an understanding that society’s values change. Additionally, students are provided with models of moral virtue and are taught how the willingness and confidence to express their views on ethical issues and personal values.

Social Education
The Social Education aspect of our curriculum aims to foster’s sense of community by encouraging our children to work co-operatively. Providing conceptual and linguistic framework for debate. Engaging in democratic processes. Give students the opportunities to exercise leadership and responsibility and provide links with the wider community and the world of work.

Cultural Education
The Cultural Education aims to get students to understand the influences of our cultural heritage. Openness to new ideas and to modify thinking to accommodate them. Ability to use language and images/icons in art and literature. Opportunities for personal enrichment through cultural experiences and the show of respect to celebrate cultural diversity, including global, national and local communities and the willingness to participate in cultural activities and enterprises.

SMSC Policy
SMSC at LEA 2020-2021
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