Reading Support

Support Your Child's Reading


As a parent, you can support your child's reading at home. 

Simple things like reading together and visiting your local library (click here to find your nearest Idea Store) can improve your child's reading and encourage them to read for pleasure. 

For more useful tips, click on the link below.


You might also find our Reading Lists at the bottom of this page useful, as each one lists age appropriate books in different genres. 

Word of the Week

W/C 9th May 2022

Jocularadjective. Fond of joking; humorous.


W/C 16th May 2022

Knollnoun. A small hill or mound.


W/C 23rd May 2022

Labyrinthnoun. A complicated network of passages or paths.


W/C 6th June 2022

Memoirnoun. A historical account or biography written from personal knowledge.


W/C 13th June 2022

Nullifyverb. Make something legally invalid.


W/C 20th June 2022

Ostraciseverb. Exclude someone from a society or a group.


W/C 27th June 2022

Perilousadjective. Full of danger or risk.


W/C 4th July 2022

Quandarynoun. A state of uncertainty over what to do in a difficult situation.


W/C 11th July 2022

Repressverb. Bring under control by force.


W/C 18th July 2022

Spindlyadjective. Long or tall and thin.

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Year 8 Reading List
Year 9 Reading List
Year 10 Reading List
Year 11 Reading List
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