Our Vision, Values & Ethos

Our vision is to create a truly outstanding free school delivering the very best educational opportunities, nurture academic excellence and enhanced ambition in all its pupils, inspire the next generation of professionals and entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds.

In addition to achieving academic excellence, our vision is to instil in every child the beliefs, behaviours and attitudes that will underpin success in life. This will mean every student will be equipped to:

  • Create and seize opportunities for themselves and others
  • Contribute to the society we live in
  • Bridge the skills gap faced by future employers.

Our school’s ethos supports this vision by creating a school that is sympathetic to the social background of the students given the Tower Hamlets location and pro-active with respect to the unique opportunities this dynamic and well-situated borough affords.
Central to our school’s ethos is a student-centric and individualised learning approach
designed to achieve personal success for each and every student, regardless of where their abilities lie. Our curriculum is designed to equip our students as engaged citizens who will have the right skills to be active participants in modern British Society.

The school gives parents additional choice in their quest for a school aiming to provide an outstanding education, focused on excellence in academic achievement and in an environment that nurtures their child to develop a strong sense of social, moral, spiritual and cultural development.

As part of our commitment to the social, moral, spiritual and cultural (SMSC) development of our students we actively promote the fundamental British values: democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with difference faiths and beliefs

Teachers are reminded of their responsibility to have open debates and a neutral standpoint in discussions. This is outlined in the Staff Code of Conduct where it states "Discussions with students should avoid comments that are sexual, religious or political in nature unless they are justified in the context of the teaching programme or providing pastoral support. Students should be allowed to form their own opinions and views and staff should ask questions to allow this to happen. Staff should avoid sharing their own personal views on these matters."

London Enterprise Academy is a fully inclusive school. We offer accessibility and support to children with a wide range of needs and have adapted resources to support them. We review our practices regularly to make sure all students are fully included in the lesson. Students are mindful of others’ needs and aware of how they should adapt their own behaviour to support them.

For further information on this please see our policies including our SMSC policy here.


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London Enterprise Academy
Aneurin Bevan House
81-91 Commercial Road
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Telephone: 0207 426 0746

Email: info@londonenterpriseacademy.org

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Bus routes – D3, 15, 40, 115, 135, 25, 205, 254,100

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