More Able Students

At London Enterprise Academy, our more able students (MAS) are provided with appropriately challenging provisions in the form of:

Routine assignments and differentiated activities for the gifted and talented during lessons, across all key stages.
Extended work schemes for the MAS to provide an even deeper level of understanding for the topics being covered.
Alongside these, we also have enrichment activities set up for the MAS, which allow them to develop an insight into a number of future career pathways, including –but not limited to, medicine, engineering and law. Workshops also run to facilitate and educate students on their options.

Our MAS also have pen portraits which help the teacher understand the different learning styles, achievements and aspirations of each learner. These can be taken into account by the teacher when planning. The MAS are tracked and monitored regularly to ensure progress is being made.

If you feel that your child is particularly gifted, please contact our MAS coordinator, Ms Bilkis:

Year 7 MAS


Charity activity:
Food bank/or a specific one that is running in autumn. Students to deliver the idea to the rest of the school and run it for a term.

Trip: Dover:
Appreciation of nature and nurture. Draw landscape that they see. Their end product is presented in assembly.

Cooking through Literacy (Starter, main meal, dessert):
Students to follow the instructions to create the outcome. Teachers eat their success. They then create their own instructions and method for their favourite dish and teachers strictly follow and see the outcome.

Action Research Global Change:

A project run by the students, each have a part that they do research on, compile and give presentation to different years.

Trip: Bank of England:
Gaining insight of the process of money. The system and how it runs.

Parental Workshop:
Students will research and prepare that term to deliver a workshop for parents who can help their child effectively at home. The type of activities to do and where to go.

Year 8 MAS


Charity activity/event:
SKT, preparing gift boxes for children who do not receive gifts.

Mental wellbeing: Importance of Hygiene assembly
Students relay information during assembly to the rest of the year. Free pack would be given by organisation.

Coding Subject Focused trip
Students are learning and progressing with society.

Action research: GMO- Healthy eating
Being made aware of the types of food consumed and commercialised. Presentation to all of years in assembly.

Orienteering course: Omescape
Half a day trip. Using logic and reasoning when in the escape room. Teamwork and collaboration skills will be developed.

TED Talks presentation:
Is the grass greener on the other side? Teacher will get the entire YR 8 MAS to see how a TED Talk is done and do one for their year. Preparing based on the question.

Year 9 MAS


Chess Club:
Teach students the rules, compete against each other. Liaise with another school and have a competition at the end of the term.

Counselling mindfulness:
Students learning how to be in tune with themselves and their body.

Debate Club:
Teaching the art of debating. Liaise with another school to compete in debate.

Action research: Mind, body and soul
Collaborate together, each students deal with a certain part of the topic. Get together, compile and give presentation to each year in assembly.

UN ambassadors:
Guides and workshops, which teach students how to make their simulations more accurate; by visiting Model UN conferences and sharing first-hand knowledge of what the actual UN is like.

Business/ Finance workshop:
To teach our students how to finance, save and invest for the future.

Year 10 MAS


Peer mentoring YR 9’s MAS:
Building communication skill, reinforcing their learning. Developing the art of speaking well and effectively.

Developing on skills which are needed on how to deal with issues.

Detective Work (Unsolved cases):
Students take on the role of LEA detectives, work in groups to solve the death case.

Action research:
Media and social network collaborate together do research on different parts of the topic. Give presentation to each year during assembly.

Trip: Lee Valley White Water:
Developing on their resilience and confidence. Communication is at the forefront in order to complete the course well.

Training younger Students on physical exercise:
Developing on their communication skills, instructing and teaching younger children in primary school.

Year 11 MAS


Workshop: on How to revise by MAS students to All year 11’s
MAS need to create their own revision cards, and prepare to give a presentation and workshop on the strategies of revising well and how to use revision guides effectively.

Russel Group Universities: post-16 options workshop
Bespoke workshop for our MAS, catering for the career path that they want to take.

Peer mentoring: Year 10 MAS
During enrichment, peer mentoring year 10 on topics which they have studied already. Reinforces their learning and becomes part of their own revision, essentially helping them to achieve the best outcomes.

Lee Valley White Water:
Developing on their resilience and confidence. Communication is at the forefront in order to complete the course well.


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