“No enterprise can exist for itself alone. It ministers to some great need, it performs some great service, not for itself, but for others; or failing therein, it ceases to be profitable and ceases to exist.”

Calvin Coolidge

Here at London Enterprise Academy we believe in not only the spirit of enterprise- creative problem solving but also in its reality. We want our students to have skills which will take them beyond university and help them to become the entrepreneurs of the future.

In Enterprise the students have hands on access to creating small groups who work together to create small profit and not for profit businesses to solve problems in the community. This is a student led project which fits in with our project based learning. Such that we had a dress up day for the Roald Dahl foundation during Matilda. The students will look at environmental issues in the environment project and decide on what action to take in the consequences project. Their groups can work to raise awareness of global issues as well as tackle hands on local issues such as creating a food bank and holding a book swap to support reading in the community.

In future years they will set up their own banks and enterprise companies with local social entrepreneurs.

Young Enterprise - harnessing young people's personal & business skills

Key Stage 3

Year 7

1. Students work on understanding enterprising skills and working in a group to create designs and present findings about various topic areas. Groups get to analyse how team working skills can be demonstrated in different activities such as sports, shopping and planning with others.

2. Charity related enterprise topic whereby students learn about how charities function to be able to work together in teams and deliver a campaign to raise awareness on the charity of their choice.

3. Year 7’s get an opportunity to look into a Business aspect of product design and work in groups to carry out market research, plan an idea for a product and conduct marketing for promotion.

4. Pupils work on the banking topic to gain an insight into finance and how to manage a budget. They work in small groups to research and play the roles of people working at a bank and learn about how banks become successful.

5. Topic 5 is about personal skills and students look into careers and what is involved in planning for and starting a career on a path of their choice. They are introduced to CV’s and interviews and actively involve themselves in interviewing and being interviewed for specific jobs.

6. The final topic of the year is based on tourism and in line with the London theme across the school. Pupils explore why London is attractive to tourists and investigate into the tourism industry. They are given a chance to learn about tourist’s attraction which they may not be familiar and later work in teams to promote a tourist attraction of their choice.

Year 8

1. Year 8 classes work on the Merrill Lynch programme whereby they explore their skills and that of others. They learn about the importance of communications skills and investigate in the different forms of communication. Students work in groups to look into the location of a business and how they take risks by using scenarios.

2. The second topic is based on the popular TV program ‘The apprentice’. They work on challenges each lesson to attempt to create products and ideas each week in their groups. They create items such as a new board game, products for pets and wearable technology.

3. This ‘My Business’ topic is where the students get to work in small teams and create a business idea of their own. They must apply their personal skills and research competitors and ideal location for their company. They use market research skills and have to plan on how they will advertise their business.

4. Students learn about Managing people in business. Groups work based on recruitment, training, motivation and appraisal. Pupils explore the skills needed in making sure that they understand how to successfully work with people in the professional environment.

5. In the Finance and tourism topic students learn about the leisure and tourism industry and how people travel and spend time in places away from home. Students work together to assess how people can travel, live and enjoy their trips and leisure time.

6. The Tycoon in school business project is where the students work in groups to plan and create a business idea which they can submit to a nationwide competition laid out by Peter Jones. The students create a professional business plan to request from £5-£1000 from the organisation and aim to make profit which can then go to a charity of their choice.


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